dr winston sutherland

Organisational Development Practitioner Offering Top Team Coaching and Leadership Development
Dr. Major Winston Sutherland

An experienced Organisational Development practitioner, offering change management, strategy development, individual and team coaching, leadership and talent development, culture change and other change interventions to help people and organisations achieve effectiveness and high performance. He has managed a range of people development projects and provide advice and support to individuals, teams and Organisations in the UK, Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and the Americas.

Leadership is
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Dr Sutherland has first hand experience of executive leadership as well as board level experience as a non executive director of a charity and vice chair of governors at the school in his local town.  

He holds post graduate qualifications in Public Administration, Government and Organisational Development and is a member of several professional bodies.  He is also a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College; The College of Combat (MHOW) India and the Defence Strategic Leadership Programme, Defence Academy, UK.  He holds the Medal of Honour for Meritorious Service and the General Service Medal and  was involved in  peace keeping missions in Grenada (1983/ 84) and led the regional response to the coup in Trinidad (1991)

ungrateful bastards

For emerging leaders. It is a response to the question “What is leadership? in responding to this question i pose three sub questions: 

1. who are leaders i.e. what type of person am I? 

2. what do leaders do? i.e what is my role; and 

3. How do leaders do what they do? i.e what is my leadership style or how do people experience me? 

Each chapter is followed by provocative questions which helps the readers to reflect on the chapter.



Who are you? and why does it matter

I work with people. I work with people in many different, countries and cultures. People from different backgrounds and races. People at different places and stages in their careers and in varied roles.

‘LET’S NOT WASTE A GOOD CRISIS’ The good side of the Covid crisis! Wot?

Hardly a day has gone by since February, without grim news about the ravages of Covid. The SARS Covid 19, properly known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2

Why your name matters “Don’t ask me how I got my name”

remember this song, by Toots and the Maytals, from when I was a bway (boy) growing up in the 1960’s in St. E (pronounced senti) and means St Elizabeth, a parish on Jamaica’s south coast.

What useless information do you hold in your head and why?

I spend a lot of my time trying to find opportunities to use some of the useless information I hold in my head. For example, I know that the coffin bone, is in the the front half of a horse’s hoof.

What’s inside your toolbox? Can you find your tools?

We all have a toolbox, whether we know and acknowledge it explicitly or not. If we didn’t we would not be able to do our work.

Rethinking ‘World Class’ and Toilet Paper

The term world class is synonymous with the countries which are also called ‘developed’ or ‘first world’ and organisations that are described as ‘high performing’.

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